The Conduit: New Interview

There's a new interview with High Voltage. It's very long and has a lot of info inside.

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chanmasta3567d ago

...If you wanna download it to your pc, right click 'Read Full Story >>' and click 'save target as', or 'save link as' if you're using Firefox like me, like you should be...

And the actual interview starts just before half way through. :D

Listening to it in the background now.

vashivihang3567d ago

please care to summarize it because i cant seem to download it.
thx in advance.

ChickeyCantor3567d ago

No just summarize it because i'm seriously not going to listen for 1:30 hours XD

Btw open that link in your media player for direct stream.

chanmasta3567d ago

...basically the MOST important things are probably that:

This WILL NOT have split-screen in, they didn't not have it it to tick gamers off, but because all the rendering has to be displayed twice with different angles. It's too much to handle, but they are looking into it and maybe incorporate it into the sequel.

There WILL be a sequel, their publisher has come to an agreement to make a sequel.

Their publisher WILL be announced in the next few weeks.

They ARE LOOKING into Co-op, i emphasize the word 'Looking'.

I think that's the main ones. Most of it was kinda stuff we already knew.

I'm off to bed in a minute, it's 02:32 in the morning in the UK. What about you lot?

Durffen3567d ago

It's 9:30 here in florida. Thanks for the quick summary.

ChickeyCantor3567d ago

Across the Sea, Netherlands.
3:48 xD.

Anyway thnks =).
To bad there is no splitscreen.
I already was thinking about to much horsepower be needed.
But they could have atleast lowered both/all 4 screens in quality devided by the amount of screens.

Meh to bad though.

chanmasta3567d ago problem, and sorry I also forgot to mention another biggie,

There will PROBABLY NOT be downloadable content, due to (yeah you guessed it) storage space. BUT as with all the other 'NOT' things I've mentioned above, when The Conduit Strikes Back (or Conduit 2) gets made, they'll be looking to add them and many more things such as vehicles.

And can someone gimme some bubbles please, this sucks only having three. Thanks!

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vashivihang3567d ago

its 8:13 pm here in the great white north (canada)

mastiffchild3567d ago

I just hope that they get the right publisher/deal. I don't want Ubi or EA as Ubi will not car and EA will just be after endless ever reducing in quality sequels. I'm hoping for Nintendo or Sega, and I can see both doing a great job for what is an ambitious Wii project and I hope this is finally the pure FPS I wanted when I got the wii after feeling the FPS games would kick on it. 'bout time we had a good one-I'm looking at you Ubi and the dire Red steel.

The ideas are great and the trailers get better with each new one. It's still only at pre alpha and looks pretty good. Get rid of the cack death ani's, put the textures right, tone down the colour saturation and we're onto something great-hope theynail the online multi as well. if they don't and Treyarch fail with WaW we'll forever be stuck with the meat and spuds effort of MoHH2 which is way basic in my book-though the lag is minimal.

also I hope they don't implement motion plaus and the B bosrd at the last minute and wreck the game. Wii speak, on the other hand seems taylor made for this and I think will add so much to online multiplayer that it must happen.Lwets all get bwehind this-I'm also sick of 360 fanboys hating on it.