Fable 2: They Stole Halo's Energy Sword

GameXtract writes "Mommy! He stole my sword! Okay…well considering both titles are on the 360 the transfer was more mature, but in the end it looks like Fable 2 will be getting a piece of the energy sword from the Halo series. The video was posted in which it shows off a weapon very similar to that of the energy sword you will find in the Halo series. Currently the epic pirate holding the energy sword does not do much but hangs the sword around his back, and walks around with pride silently telling everyone to back the fuck off. I still say the dog in the video given is way cooler, but that's just me. Take a look at the energy sword in Fable 2 after the jump."

Watch the video after the jump.

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jack who3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

nice now what has 2 be done to get that

KBDuB3476d ago

I wish it would hurry up and get here! Lol.

TheHater3476d ago

Does anyone else feel like that weapon feel out of place?

jaysquared3476d ago

Since both Fable and Halo are published by MGS then i would consider it as borrowed.. Now if Sony was actually decent at making FPS games and made Halo then I would consider it as stolen.

ThichQuangDuck3476d ago

I mean hell I didnt like the guns in here takes away from the game to me but I eventually got used to it. I was fine with the Master Chief outfit but Energy Sword? If you still play halo 3 dont come over to fable 2 just to play with the energy sword and outfit. But not suprising from microsoft

too bad wont be able to buy this til later because of Far Cry 2 an Gears of War 2

Stickguy2593476d ago

It's a magic sword. It's a sword that's glowing blue. It was obviously inspired by the energy sword in Halo, but you can tell it's just a normal sword, with a magic glow.

It's a little out of place, but it's not as though it's a futuristic weapon.

Dark SeRaNADE3476d ago

it did slightly, with its never ending pulsing heh, most interesting, i would however have liked to seen this in combat, does it give off a flare, like in the halo wars trailers

because that looks impressive.

day one buy from the way this game seems to be shaping up

sack_boi3476d ago

geez this game looks so sweet; the more I see/hear about it, the more I want it. I'll by an Elite when the game comes out. Unless it'll be see a PC release.

fufotrufo3476d ago

There's better quality footage of this video

Arsenic133476d ago

My bet its in the Limited edition. Yeah sorry, it looks cool, but that and the armor are not worth an extra $20.

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The story is too old to be commented.