Kombo Hands-On: MotorStorm 2: Pacific Rift

Kombo Writes: "The sequel to the PS3's hottest racing title is about to race to the starting line on October 28th. Before the game releases, we want to share our impressions of the recently released demo of MotorStorm 2: Pacific Rift.

Now, I won't go into great detail about the gameplay aspect of the title. Why? Mainly because the game is virtually identical to its predecessor as far as the gameplay is concerned. You race around a track with 15 competing racers trying to stop your conquest for the prestigious first place top spot. To get this coveted position, you must race through a perilous track filled with obstacles, other racers, and make use of your boosting ability, as well as take advantage of your terrain and jumps. To get through this jungle of problems, you can select from a bike, racing truck, and the newly introduce monster truck. Just another day on the road, right?"

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xg-ei8ht3571d ago

I'd agree with that review.

Graphics wise, it's better then the first, but some of the textures are poor.

I don't think the devs have a full handle on the ps3 just yet.

lwhatee3570d ago

"At first, I wasn't too impressed with the demo. I felt that the game wasn't a major jump over the original and that it will disappoint many. I'm glad to say that I was wrong, though. The more time I spent with the game and different vehicles, the more I found myself enjoying the game and really appreciating the minor additions and changes they incorporated. MotorStorm 2: Pacific Rift is looking to improve upon many aspects of the original title. With the inclusion of Trophy support, online racing, split-screen multiplayer, 8 car classes, and 16 new tracks, this title will be the PS3's flagship racing title this holiday season. "