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Rock Band 2 improves in several areas over the original. The track list is better, the difficulty has been bumped up, it's more accessible, all previously released DLC works from the get-go, and Battle of the Bands is a brilliant online mode. But there's no getting around the fact that almost nothing was done to the main mode, World Tour. This is still the primary feature of Rock Band and yet it seems to have been neglected. It's hard to notice the newness when there's a big chunk of game that is just the same as it ever was.

That said, music game fans would be absolutely crazy not to buy Rock Band 2. Even if you hate a few of the songs on disc, you are still getting an incredible deal. It's less than a dollar a song, with an extra 20 free DLC coming in the next couple of months. That's just too good to pass up.

Presentation - 9.5
Graphics - 8.0
Sound - 9.5
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 10
Overall -

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IzKyD13313450d ago

it's still a ripoff that they are selling the game for like 60 bucks more than you can pay if you wait for the bundle, unfortunately, the "first" version happens to be the priciest

ThichQuangDuck3449d ago

I mean there is alot of games coming out and if you want to buy the instrument just one with this game it comes to 130-150 which is like 3 games right there so that is a tough purchase. I will just get it eventually but not right away probably around the time Rage Against The Machine track pack comes out if it does which it better.

IzKyD13313449d ago

and not to mention, we don't know how good guitar hero world tour is

UnSelf3449d ago

ima make a new game called: Mic Battles.

in the box u get a Mic, a studio, an a$$ kisser, an advance, and the BET channel.

TheDude2dot03449d ago

The only reason I am getting GH:WT is because MS and Sony made them have the instruments be compatible.

I'm not looking forward to the overcharting and the notes that seem to come from nowhere. Still, they have Beat It, which should be awesome.

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clearelite3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

has just inspired me to start a real rock band....

Bnet3433449d ago

Good score, but I am not a huge Rock Band fan. I like the challenge and I think GH provides that. Rock Band is more of a filler and hella fun with friends.

bootsielon3448d ago

RockBand does better everything GH did originally, and more. How sad that Guitar Hero, which has 3 more iterations than Rockband, is the one becoming the rip-off instead of actually raising the bar like rockband did, all they are doing is catching up and perhaps doing a 1up, without Backwards Compatibility of course.

Bigrhyno3449d ago

I'm more of a fan of GH's setlist, although there are a few songs I am jealous of on Rock Band. I am going to wait for GH though and I will get just the RB game if I get bored with GH songs.

meepmoopmeep3449d ago


Wow, if this gets a 10 for just battle of the bands....

GHWT will get like 20 with battle of bands, music editor, gh custom tracks, and more.
Posted by: lordghoda345 on September 12, 2008 20:06 PDT


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