NVIDIA CEO: Nintendo Switch Has Groundbreaking Design, Hundreds of Engineering Years Went Into It

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang explained how Nintendo got them on board with the Switch console, adding that hundreds of engineering years went into it.

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Aurenar608d ago

Hundreds of Engineering Years? Really? I don't think so.

ccgr608d ago

yeah how does that work?

mikeslemonade608d ago

Haha they just borrowed Microsoft logic. Like they say they over a trillion hour logged on Xbox live. Who cares and that is indicative of what??

Errorist76608d ago

It's a normal calculation.. if they had 50 engineers working for 2 years it's 100 engineering years.

Neonridr608d ago (Edited 608d ago )

clearly they were thinking about this thing around the same time America was signing its declaration of independence :P

I am guessing they are referring to the fact that you had a bunch of engineers working for a few years on this thing. So when you add it all up I am guessing that is what is implied.

KaiPow608d ago

Two hundred engineers with six months of experience each?

Nitrowolf2608d ago

If you look closely in the Declaration of Independence you can see Nintendo name in small print

Neonridr607d ago

@KaiPow - you are saying that the Switch was designed and built in 6 months from concept to completion? Wow.. these guys must be miracle workers then.

Pandamobile608d ago

100 engineers x 1 year of work = 100 engineering years. It's the same thing as saying man-hours or man-years of work.

Alexious608d ago

Thank you. I thought that was rather obvious...

iplay1up2608d ago (Edited 608d ago )

I got it, I think some of these people took it just a little too literal ! LOL!!!!

Maybe it will be powerful!!! Can't wait! Groundbreaking??? Interesting!

GrontB607d ago

Yes thank you. People won't sit and think about it for a second and realize that is what was being said. The switch will be a culmination of the many years that was put into the tegra line of mobile chips and their work on mobile gpu units.
The switch could surprise us when it comes to power, I'm just worried about the ole' battery life.

LackTrue4K607d ago

"Woohoo!!! Woooooo...!!!!
Buy a Nitendo Switch!!!!


Segata607d ago

Collective days and hours of each individual person added up. It's silly tho yeah.

Mulando607d ago

Well counting the dev-time for the shield tablet, ... well if 100 engineers work 1 year, you have 100 years of dev time (one week = 8hours * 5 days)

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-Foxtrot608d ago

NVIDIA's PR on this is getting a little out of hand now

I mean "Hundreds of Engineering Years"

Yes because they worked on this back in the early 1900s when they were playing Poker at the Saloon

Alexious608d ago

That's not it, obviously. Check Pandamobile's comment above.

-Foxtrot608d ago

Then why not just say "yeah it took us a year"

Just seems like you are saying it to sound like more work has went into it then actually has.

Pandamobile608d ago


He's the CEO of a huge tech company addressing shareholders and journalists. Of course he's going to try to make it sound impressive.

ChickeyCantor608d ago


Because that's normal business speak.

It's not about the year itself but the man power that went into a year of development.
It gives people a sense of how much money they put into it.

Nitrowolf2608d ago (Edited 608d ago )

Because it matters in other fields IMO

Call it bias or whatever, but I agree the term is dumb to use here cause I could care less about how many man hours were put into a gaming console unless it were some unique built 1 of a kind thing.

Like cars, I like the term when it comes to high end crafted vehicles

Now like other have said, it's a term addressing shareholders and such.

JLynn943607d ago

Engineering years is the same idea as man-hours or man-years. It's an extremely common way of tallying how much work goes into something with a large workforce working over an extended time. For example, the Empire State Building took over 7 million man-hours to build.

If Nintendo had 50 engineers working for 4 years on this, that would be 200 engineering years.

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Pancit_Canton608d ago

Maybe he's from the future and trying save Nintendo from this abomination.

Mega_Volnutt608d ago

Back to the Future "Saving Nintendo" lol

Alexious608d ago

An abomination? Come on, the Switch doesn't deserve that

pcz607d ago

NVIDIA are skynet. they sent their top researcher hundreds of years into the past to start working on the switch.

iplay1up2607d ago

A handheld that can run URE4, an abomination? Plus Switch, to TV mode by simply placing console in cradle! Sounds good to me!

Skyrim remaster, 3D Mario at launch, plus BOTW soon!?!

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Jivesh608d ago, really looking forward to seeing how the Switch will turn out but it's not that far off from a tablet

ChickeyCantor608d ago (Edited 608d ago )

It's a screen, has hardware parts, it's not far from a tablet? What kind of an analysis is that.

It's not different than saying PS4/X1 are crippled PCs.
It's a dedicated system that will provide better scaling for developers. It's exactly what current consoles do.

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