Opinion: Six Reasons Why NHL 09 Might be the Best Sports Game Ever

Shacknews writes: "Say what you want about sports video games. That they barely change from year to year. That they're designed by developers with exclusive licenses and no motivation to innovate. That they're a waste of money on what amounts to a yearly graphics upgrade of increasingly stale gameplay. In some cases, this may be true".

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mavent3629d ago

I gave up on it far too quickly because of one major problem i had with the game. In my opinion, the replayability of sports games centers on head to head play, and the dynasty mode. In NHL 08, the scouting side of the dynasty mode was f'n ponderous and opaque. I don't want to have to manually sort my scouts activity by position, country, AND potential draft round.

I understand it may be realistic, but it was pure tedium to adjust the scouting habits after every couple of games during the course of a season...i hope they fixed that in 09