Kotaku: RACE Pro Hands On

Kotaku writes: "I'm clueless about racing games, but even I can see a huge difference between RACE Pro and every other racing game out there. Whereas other games all have some gimmick going to trick you into racing (like in Burnout, where the point is to wreck the car, or in Need for Speed where the point is to make the money to buy the best car), RACE Pro is just about racing".

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sonarus3480d ago

wow you'd think kotaku has never played a racing sim before

vitz33480d ago

aside from judging GT5 Prolouge's title screen and saying that they played it, I guess they haven't

Kotaku's lame.

CViper3480d ago

and that ladies and gentlemen is the problem with 900% of our gaming "media"

Everyone is just a n00b gamer with a website and an opinion of how they think things should be done based on their little experience gaming.