UGO: Hands-On Stoked

UGO writes: "If you're an avid snowboarder (or skier), you know just as well as I do that a great day of boarding is all about the conditions. The weather is crucial. If it's too windy, the top of the mountain is an icy mess. If it's too sunny, the glare reflects off the snow and it makes it difficult to recognize small deviations in the terrain. And if it's a white out… well, you know tomorrow will be a blast!

The latest snowboarding game from BongFish, Stoked, is attempting to recreate that experience (amongst a host of others). The game has a perpetual weather system that will be the same for players the world over. Check out the five-day forecast and then call your buddies to let them know the best day to hit the slopes, because in Stoked you won't be tackling the mountain alone. Unless you drop out of your helicopter in the heart of backcountry…"

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