Hello, Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

Siliconera: "Remember when we discovered Square Enix trademarked Covenant of the Plume? They just used it. The official soundtrack for Valkyrie Profile DS goes on sale on November 11 and the cover art says Valkyrie Profile - Covenant of the Plume - official soundtrack in plain English. Oh, but in the Japanese text says Valkyrie Profile: Togo wo Seoumono Original Soundtrack or, as translated by Tri-Ace, Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One Original Soundtrack. This is unusual since Square Enix keeps the name for the official soundtracks simple. "Insert game title here" original soundtrack simple. This soundtrack CD doesn't have the Japanese subtitle anywhere on it."

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deeznuts3414d ago

Wait so they're coming out with Valkyrie, and Sega with Valkyria?

Whats the difference lol.

SaiyanFury3414d ago

The difference lies in that both games are based in completely different series'. Valkyria Chronicles, called Valkyrie of the Battlefield in Japan, is a new game on PS3 exclusively developed by SEGA. Valkyrie Profile is a completely different series produced by tri-Ace, primarily on the PlayStation platform. Apparently they're bringing a game to the DS. This would be a result of Square-Enix's love of money reaped from developing on every console.

joemayo763414d ago

All i care is that another valkyrie profile is being made, totally loved pt.1, pt.2 was good but was missing something. Can't wait for this to come out gunna have to "borrow" my bros DS for a while hehehe

Wii60Fan3414d ago

Would seriously care about this.