Second Life 1.21(RC2) available. SLS-1.24.5 rolled out

Massively: Linden Lab have been working very hard to attempt to bug-fix and stabilize the SLS-1.24 Mono-enabled Second Life simulator server software (try saying that three times, fast). Since Monday, the 8th of September, we've counted no less than 19 distinct versions of 1.24.5 that got far enough along to test.

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shutupandplay3535d ago

Is second life going to die when all of the nerds move over to home?

saruwatari3535d ago

Second Life >>>>>> Home


Fact XP

LeonSKennedy4Life3535d ago

I play Second Life all the time. It's glitchy, there's no draw-distance, and the applications are too much they usually can't be enjoyed.

gamersday083535d ago

I think M$ should not drag Second Life into it's problem and leave second Life alone.

It's making M$ looks like an idiot. They don't have ideas what they're doing. All they do is copy, copy, copy.... and lie their way out.

360 is dead and M$ just doing copy and paste to survive. So sad people don't see this and keep getting screwed by M$ believing in their lies.