The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Contents Revealed

TGR - "Atari has released shots of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition today, including the new box and contents. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition comes with four bonus discs that include the official game soundtrack, a 'Making Of' DVD, music inspired by The Witcher, the D'jinni Adventure Editor, and new adventures. The Enhanced Edition also comes with 'The Witcher,' a short story by Andrzej Sapkowski, a map of The Witcher's world, and the official game guide."

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predator3595d ago

im considering getting this..I'll wait to see what the reviews say

morganfell3595d ago

I have the US version and I bought the uncensored European version - full decapitations and dismemberment, nudity, language the whole nine yards. Best RPG I have played in years. 5 distinct endings, about 70 hours through the first time.

I like the fact there is no right and wrong path per se. There are the choices you make and the consequences that will always be bad for someone in the end. You may save someone because it seems right at the time only to later regret it. Or you let them die and you regret it then AND later because such actions always have consequences in the game and you are never sure when an act will have later influences.

That have already released some free adventures (their patches do not just fix things but also add some great features) and there are two full free new campaigns being built. One is here:

The sword fighting was all mocapped and the various styles show. The storyline was written with the assistance of the original author, Andrzej Sapkowski, and does a wonderful job of explaining why a great Witcher is having to rebuild his skills.

ErBarad3595d ago

That's hardly news. The info about the contents was avilable for a long time on The Witcher's offical site...

Sangria3595d ago

Let's just hope for a console version.

morganfell3595d ago

They did fill some advertised positions for PS3 programmers and such back in April.