The GameSpy Debriefings #59

GameSpy: "It's not the Spore-cast, but we don't mince words about EA's eagerly anticipated blockbuster. Whether it's the idea of how the game evolves, or the use of Amazon's rating system to draw attention to the use of SecuROM, we cover it all. We also hold no reservations about discussing the closure of Ensemble Studios and what it means not only for Halo Wars, but other famous titles, like Age of Empires.

It's not just PC talk, though. Price drops and storage space weigh heavy on our minds, as we ponder whether the $200 Xbox 360 is really a $200 Xbox 360, or, as Will opines, it could be a cheap replacement for out-of-warranty red-ringers. That's not all, though, as Miguel pitches his brilliant idea for a new game."

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