Mad Catz - Give Us A Chance And We'll Change Your Mind

The folks at Mad Catz are very much aware of the fact that gamers view their company's product and third party accessories in general as cheap, low quality knock offs. Kotaku hasn't been to keen their products for quite some time, a fact that they mentioned in their story about the Mad Catz Fender Bass for Rock Band. Well Mad Catz's Global PR & Comms Manager Alex Verrey dropped them a line yesterday with a message for all gamers: "Mad Catz has come a long way - just give us a chance to prove it." Using Rock Band as an example, Alex hammers home his point.

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Heldrasil3598d ago

I don't think cheap is the proper term form "Mad Katz Krap". I was reluctant to purchase one of their "quality" controllers for the 360. After about 10+ hours playtime (and 3 months of ownership), the right analogue stick no longer registers movement except for UP...for $14.99, I guess I got what I paid for...