First day sales in Japan (9/11)

Ameblo via VGChartz is reporting that the first day sales estimates in Japan on September 11, 2008 as follow:

First, please don't haste. "Pokemon will be released tomorrow (9/13)." From the rumor, Shipments are at least nearby million...

Infinite Undiscovery (360) 70k

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TheColbertinator3541d ago

Pretty high number for a 360 game in Japan actually.Not bad.

TheColbertinator3541d ago

Good point.Still,the estimations can't be that far off,can they?

IzKyD13313541d ago

"Good point.Still,the estimations can't be that far off,can they?"

actually they can, earlier this year, if was found out that vgchartz had underestimated PS3 sales numbers by over a million units

Cyrus3653541d ago

Umm you guys should note these "numbers" are not from VGChartz, but rather japanese data site, Ameblo.

Gam713541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

If you live in reality then those numbers aren't far off if they are from vgchatz. if your a ps3 fanboy then they'll be off by billions and wont see that its not vgchartz.


lwhatee3541d ago

what are u doing here?
This KID is an Xbox fanboy from Neogaf forums

You live in reality and U cant see that Vg has Overestimated x360 numbers by a million. It is like 19m worldwide with 75% of its sales coming from NA

Gam713541d ago

who's ariexv?

Anyway if vg have overestimated 360 sales by 1mil then so has everyone else. Or could it be you ps3 fanboys are desperate to close the gap you're UNDERESTIMATING 360 sales and overestimating ps3?

Thats more likely given how vg adjust their figures when the actual sales are released and you ps fans have a proven history of lying, and flaming, and trolling.

Rhoic3541d ago

Actually it's confirmed that the 360 has sold over like 20million I believe..

Snukadaman_3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

But vgchartz is also the place where people believe that the ps3 outsells the xbox 360 worldwide each week...People only want to believe in vgchartz when its convenient for them. Whats funny is some people think the others charts are gospel when in fact they are probably the worst estimate between japan and north americas estimates.

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Omega43541d ago

For a new IP which wasnt even bundled with the console these are quite incredible numbers

DavidMacDougall3541d ago

Whats thats vgcharts? I cant hear you with all that Microsoft c0ck in there

Gam713541d ago

remove your head from between sony's legs and maybe you will hear something.

lwhatee3541d ago

remove your cok MS asss and yu will see something.
x360 doesnt sell in Japan and releasing that game on x360 was just a waste
The game flopped in reviews too <67% at meta

Gam713541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

ah meta reviews are gospel until its a bad review for a ps game then they mean nothing. On the gamer section you said it would sell better if it was on ps3 so the review doesn't mean anything then does it.

also can you explain this please

"remove your cok MS asss and yu will see something."

I have to say pmsl

first whats a cok? in fact whats a cok ms asss (asss?) and yu?
Anyway how does sticking your c*ck in someones arse affect your sight?

Do you go blind as soon as its inserted?
I reckon you're the man to ask as you'll know through experience.

oh and what would i see?

unicorns? the future? the past? Lord Lucan?

Gam713541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Hmm, a disagree.
Guess that isn't a RPGFan review.

lwhatee3541d ago

this game is a bad game
It got 4s ,6s and 7s from most websites.
It is averaging below 7 at Gamerankings

dont support this bad game

Gam713541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

given you're a ps fanboy you would be saying that...

until its on the ps3 then its the best game ever.
I wouldn't expect you to like a game thats on the 360.

VF34EJ253541d ago

It's VGchartz. Who cares?

Cyrus3653541d ago

If you read where the data came from it's not from VGCharts, they are just translating the text.

lwhatee3541d ago

I bet u own a x360
cuz that game would have sold better on PS3
and it is a flop in review and would be a flop in sales no doubt

It wont reach anything beyond 120k odd copies in japan just like TOV

Gam713541d ago

who is this ariexv?

Lol keep trying. I bet you're the one with multiple accounts.

And you're right i own a 360, wii, ds, n64, dreamcast, megadrive, broken ps2 (the only console that is broken), lynx and so on.

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