If John McCain and Sarah Palin Were Video Games

DailyGame: I highly doubt any of these politicians has actually played a video game, although I can picture McCain having had an all-night "Pong" session after being released from prison camp. Still, what if each political candidate in the 2008 presidential election were a video game? Below are our picks for the games that Republican candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin would be if they were video games.

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Sanzee3569d ago

Is this guy on drugs? It's not like I agree or disagree with what he's saying... it's the fact that he actually came up with this idea. I guess me being the first one to comment on this article shouldn't suprise me. All I can think of is how blessed we are to have thee "WTF" saying; for things like this.

With all due respect, did anybody actually click on this article because it sounded interesting? Or did you click on it to see if this was actually a story. Yeah, me too >_<

No worries though. N4G STAFF are still the kings of gaming news. They NEVER miss the good news. Sometimes they just post "WTF News"