Nintendo Presence at E for All After All... Sort Of?

Kombo reveals that contrary to earlier reports, Nintendo will indeed have some presence at E for All 2008. Though really, will anyone consider this any sort of step up from not being there at all?

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TheColbertinator3475d ago

Although I'm glad that Nintendo is winning,I wish they had a more serious and focused determination to be the best.Anything from a Donkey Kong game to StarFox game on the Wii would help many gamers be assured that Nintendo has the hardcore in mind.I'm glad they have third party support like Sega,High Voltage,and Tecmo bringing games to the Wii but a 1st party Nintendo title like a Zelda game would be great to have in 2009.

AAACE53475d ago

Nintendo just made it clear that they really aren't trying to compete with MS and Sony, when they did their E3 presentation... Even though they like to point out how they are doing better than the competition?

I think it's clear that Nintendo is not thinking about the real gamers this holiday. But rather, focusing on bringing more newbies to gaming.

For gamers... It's a love/hate relationship!

Xiru3475d ago

This is true, I had a discussion similar to this with a good friend of mine. He is still a Wii fanboy, but the lack of support from Nintendo has him bummed out. Nintendo has found out how to win the console war, and sadly it doesn't involve making core games a priority anymore. :(