Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival DLC May Kill Update 1.4’s Momentum

What if the premise of Massive's new game mode strips everything they did to make The Division enjoyable?

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_-EDMIX-_761d ago

? I'm confused is this a mode or is this an update that's actually just changing the entire game to be about survival? From what I heard from podcast this is just a mode that can be chosen.

admiralvic761d ago

Here is the gist.

Basically survival is a new mode, one that many people have already bought via the season pass, which requires you to, well, survive. The issue the writer has with this mode is that people wanted to progress and version 1.4 addressed these concerns by implementing new loot systems so people can progress. However, even though you can progress, survival starts you at a fixed point, so it doesn't matter how much prep work you do, you'll always be back on square one.

The problem with the writers point is the core issue with DLC in games like this. It's hard to make DLC appealing that requires XYZ progression. Typically games that do that find a way to make progression less important. Destiny gave people an item that brought them up to the minimum needed to do the DLC, ESO made areas scale (so you could do the DLC, which is at the highest level, at level 1 and have the power of a really weak person at the cap) and so forth. The Division had the choice of making the DLC require or potentially greatly favor those who invested the time, but instead choose something that both fit the concept and evens the playing field.

_-EDMIX-_761d ago

OHHHH ok. Good read. I might actually get this and get the season pass to play this mode if I hear more about it

smolinsk761d ago

No it's just a DLC you can play if you choose to.

761d ago
smolinsk761d ago (Edited 761d ago )

Then don't Play survival when it comes, it's vary simple. I just love that you get striped of everything and have to build you self up again in a blizzard and survive. If you want to run all over shooting with all your super equipment then just don't play survival.

Vegamyster761d ago (Edited 761d ago )

I've played it on the PTS, it uses the same world map but due to the new weather, lack of a mini map and waypoints ect with added survival mechanics it does feel like a new activity and it's certainly more interesting than Underground, in fact it's the closest thing in the game that gives off the reveal trailer feeling.