HP said to be considering making its own OS to counter Vista

The operating system is turning off users, so HP and others are trying to capitalize on its weakness.

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TheColbertinator3596d ago

Things in the OS war are about to get interesting

theKiller3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

i will be the first to adapt to this new OS as long as it doesnt crash and i dont have to format and and restart it frequently

MS is going down sooner or later, its inevitable!!

uie4rhig3596d ago

you just took the words right out of my mouth !!

Yi-Long3596d ago

... I for one will not buy HP, as they're pretty mcuh as bad and greedy as Microsoft is... but the more Operating Systems are out there competing for the topspot, the better it is for the consumer.

I just wish every software and hardware developer would also embrace linux OS's.

uie4rhig3596d ago

i have a very good feeling that if HP does create their own OS, many other retailers will too (Sony, Toshiba etc).. and when they do, i doubt that they will reinvent the wheel, ive got a pretty good feeling that they will base it on the Linux kernel and Gnome/KDE/XFCE but they would just change the layout and all.. if they do so, they will gain market share very quick since they will be selling HP OS (which is what i will call it until they release the official name) exclusively on their systems (and as you know HP has a pretty big market share in the pc industry..)..

i would be really happy if they base it on linux kernel coz that would be gud for the linux industry (FINALLY GAMES !!!)

dale13596d ago

it would be nice for the hardware companys to take on other O.S systems in a larger way to cut the hold ms has.its no good when one company dominates the market

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The story is too old to be commented.