The New Xbox Experience - What You Want to Know

The Gamerscore Blog writes:

"For our first week we wanted to show you how the Games Played slot will look in the New Xbox Experience.

It will become obvious for the next few Wednesdays that my team is Gamerscore obsessed. Let's be honest, with high Achievement counts, it was sometimes a pain having to scroll through all of them to see how well we were doing. Once the New Xbox Experience launches that will all change.

When you click on your Gamercard in the New Xbox Experience you will see some familiar options; your messages will be accessible, you will be able to edit your profile or update your Avatar, manage your account, switch profiles (if you have multiple profiles) and change the Theme (more on Themes in the coming weeks). From here you will also be able to see every game you've played on your Xbox 360."

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YoshiMeetsU3597d ago

I have a question. Will I always have that stupid doll thing looking at me on the dashboard all the time?

I sure hope you can completely remove that.

Arsenic133597d ago

Avatars are optional so im guessing nothing will be there if you dont have an Avy

YoshiMeetsU3597d ago

Thanks Arsenic. I hope that's the case because I've never seen a screenshot without it. +bub

hamburgerhill3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

replied to the wrong person...

AAACE53596d ago

They are trying to promote the avatars to attract the Wii owners. It was already reported that you didn't have to use the avatars if you didn't want to.

I am actually getting curious to how this will all turn out! I wish they would just release it and get it over with.

I do have to point out that I like the HOME avatars more than the 360 and Wii ones. Simply because they look more life-like, and are not big headed characters.

Thinking about HOME though... I am starting to wonder how much HDD space it will take up? With all the things they are implementing into HOME, I think it could be about 10Gb's. Which is why they switched to 80-160Gb HDD's. The same can probably be said for the 360 update. Which is possibly why they switched to 60-120Gb HDD's.

But then again... maybe i'm over thinking it!

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Arsenic133597d ago

Will we be able to chat while playing Xbox 1 games? Thats what i really want to know. I wanna be able to use all of XBL features in a Xbox 1 game! Private chatting while playing Silent Hill 2 or Shenmue will make me sold on this new dash.

Neonvapor3597d ago

I hope someone can help me with this... If I have a year membership to LIVE can only ONE NAME on a 360 use it or is that for ALL NAMES on the 360? I had one before but I was the only one who used it and now my room mates and I are thinking of getting one together and we would all use it. Thanks for the help

Arsenic133597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

You pay per account. You make a new one and u get a free first month.

You only pay for a gold account, silver is free. So every account doesn't cost anything, only if u upgrade.

ps360s3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Arsnec isright but is'nt it...not free for the first month anymore? because I certainly don't get that anymore with new accounts.

Edit: Well ok...I guess it is but then I created 3 accounts which did'nt give me 1 month free, oh well don't matter since I get yearly Gold anyways just when I need my friends to play Gears or whatever with me I rather have them make new account lol

Edit: cheers slinkey123...bubs to you all anyways lol

Arsenic133597d ago

Iv had that happen once to, guess its a glitch or a unknown reason.

slinkey1233597d ago

@ps360's you can only do it 3 times, after that they stop u from getting that free month.

meepmoopmeep3597d ago


i don't intend to get Live anyway, but damn, you have to pay for each online account?
that's rape!

hamburgerhill3597d ago

Man I was wondering why I couldn't open a free 1 month live account. I had know idea that you only get 3 freaking chances. So is there anyway around this like a time frame or do they track the console or something? The thing that sucks is you can't download demos which is stupid when it comes to deciding on a purchase. Also they don't offer free live cards in games anymore which is just sad.

SixZeroFour3597d ago

they do with some games...i think there was one in teh gta IV game, but thats teh only one recently that i know of that came with one

Neonvapor3596d ago

Per account huh? thats lame. Thank you for the help guys!

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jerkstore3597d ago

Will the new dashboard and/or RROD experience come with the following:

1) A guide on what exactly to do when you get the RROD after you load up the new dashboard for the first time;

2) A voucher for one free sprinkler system and/or water hose to defeat the ensuing flames coming from your RROD machine...I mean Xbox 360, after you turn it on;

3) A refund of $50 a year for a scam online service; and

4) A refund for all of the crappy non AAA titles that have come out such as Ninja Gaiden II, Too Human (HAHAHA), and Infinite Undiscovery that people purchased blindly?

Anyone have the answers to those?

Arsenic133597d ago

Do you have time to play your PS3 with all this searching 360 news you do?

shutupandplay3597d ago

Must be boring having a ps3. Not a single good game in MONTHS! Oh, well I have a 360.

Aclay3597d ago


What the hell are you talking about? No good games on the PS3 in months? If I remember correctly, both the PS3 and 360 get almost the same games. When is the last time the Xbox 360 had a AAA exclusive? Yeah I know, it's been a long while since the 360 had a AAA exclusive. Just in case you've forgotten, the PS3 has gotten a AAA exclusive (MGS4) this year unlike the 360, so think before you type lies.

I'm not flaming here, I just can't stand it when fanboys like you go off talking complete bull.

3597d ago
thenickel3597d ago

Yeah and more bubbles to Clay for talking sh!t bubbles out of his mouth lol. So the PS3 got 1 AAA game and now you guys have got it going on? Man please just stop already because if it were that good of a game you wouldn't be here right now and be playing it. 360 has NG2, Too Human, a bunch of new live arcade and JRPGs while the PS3 has booty lol. Also the 360's library is much bigger then PS3's with a ton of AAA games so there's no comparison there. The reason you guys are here and we all know it is because you don't have anything to play so quit twisting the real facts.

shutupandplay3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

You`re still falling back on MGS4? Yeah it`s AAA and it also came out 3 months ago. I`m speaking bull? We have gotten LOADS of JRPG`s some good, some bad, but hey, it`s better than what you got (nothing). We have other interesting titles like NG2, too human, and lots of kick-ass arcade games which is better than what you got (nothing). We have MANY more AAA`s than you which is better than what you got (1). 1 AAA game in 2 years and you have the balls to say i`m talking bull. LOL!

Freezingduck3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Lost Flop
Flop Dragon
Tales of Flop
Too Flop AKA “2” Flop
Infinite Flop
Ninja Flop Too

Sounds good. keep it up.

"In my opinion:"

1 AAA > 0 AAA > 6 flops > RROD > RROD, again, what's yours?

YoshiMeetsU3597d ago

What you might consider a flop many people do not. Do you really want to call Ninja Gaiden 2 a flop which scored an 80? I would be careful not to incriminate yourself because there are only 5 games in the whole PS3 library that have scored in the 90+ meaning the PS3 has the biggest library of flops of them all going by these idiotic standards. We all know that is not true.

It just doesn't make sense. Why is it suddenly this generation if a game doesn't score 9 or 10 it is a flop? If you honestly believe that then prepared to be disappointed a lot.

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MAGNUM-RAM3597d ago

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Your choice at the store. You only have yourself to blame.
Xbox360 will charge you to speak & breathe. You dont have to take
my word for it. Just be smart when investing in a long term desicion
that's all.

meepmoopmeep3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

that's the fine print with the Arcade.

you don't really get the full 360 experience with it.
i feel sorry for the misinformed who see the low price but not the hidden price tags.

even the other SKU's. you have to pay $50/yr to get the full experience.

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