28 New MotoGP 08 Screenshots

28 new MotoGP 08 screens that show the great detail and attention Capcom has given to capturing as much realism as possible. From the sharpness of the bikes to how well the rain-slicked track looks, this game looks impressive.

The game will be released October 28th for PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 (don't expect the Wii version to be quite so nice graphically though...)

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CViper3538d ago

Those look great, but im sure thats the PC build.

Tarasque3538d ago

Well obviously you haven't played any of the previous series on the 360 (rolls eyes), looks spot on to this and the online play is great.

dj_funky3538d ago

yea looks really good. i wish EA or someone can bring road rash back.. that was pretty fun back in the day on sega.