LootNinja: Spore Review

Loot Ninja writes: "Spore is the brainchild of Will Wright and EA. The team over at Maxis has spent a long time developing this genre-crossing title and has tried to polish it into a gem. Spore does many things right, the graphics, the sounds and the interface, but unfortunately does have some drawbacks, like length of play and multiplayer aspects".

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drunkpandas3415d ago

The game is solid, but doesn't meet all the hype that was created for it. Also, the DRM sucks and being only able to create one account per copy of the game is weak. I'm not buying another copy for my wife and family

taz80803415d ago

The game is addictive form the creative perspective but the RTS play towards the end is slow.

drunkpandas3415d ago

Yeah pretty much everyone is saying the RTS stuff isn't the best

taz80803415d ago

Wonder if we will ever see Spore on a console?

drunkpandas3415d ago

It could probably work. Just depends if EA and Maxis (and Will Wright) want to port the game and controls over. They would probably make a lot more money

kydrice3415d ago

It'll probably only let you pop the disc in 3 times before it sends a distress signal to HQ where then EA thugs will show up at your doorstep demanding you pay another 65 dollars or else be labeled as a pirate. Freaked out you give into demands, which you will then receive a quick, swift kick to the nuts as the thugs marvel in your audacity to actually take the disc out of your machine in the first place.

taz80803415d ago

Problem with Tribal and Civiliztion phase are that they are very similar and dont really offer too much extra. The first two stages are very unique and so is the last one. Tribal and Civ revolve around an RTS style but it is just oto slow and there is no strategy. There is nothing more than have more guys than the other guy to win, its a battle of numbers really.

fiercescuba3415d ago

I'm tired of PC games making it impossible to reinstall or have multiple users. PC Games are becoming like condoms.

Tobias1233415d ago

With condoms it's excusable though, since they don't cost $50-60 a pop(pardon the pun).

drunkpandas3415d ago

So you're saying PC games are for sissies? ;)

Lumbo3415d ago

If its named "Barbie house designer" then YES its for sissies

taz80803415d ago

Well played sir! ahahahhahaha