IncGames: S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky Review

IncGames writes: "Considering the troubled development period behind Shadow of Chernobyl, it was surprising to hear that Deep Silver planned to follow it up only one year after its release. Developer GSC Gameworld had trouble converting its open-world vision into something that satisfied publisher THQ and as such compromises were made in Shadow's design. With a new publisher in tow, GSC had another bite at the cherry with Clear Sky. Unfortunately, it seems as if the game it wanted to make may not be quite as good as the game it released the first time around.

Clear Sky is a prequel to Shadow and the player takes on the role of a new protagonist, Zone mercenary, Scar. What sets Scar apart from the rest of the motley crew that populates the Zone is his resistance to the deadly 'emissions' - mysterious waves of energy that emanate from the Zone's centre. Following one of these emissions, Scar is rescued by the Clear Sky faction, a group studying the nature of the Zone. He is tasked with tracking down a Stalker named Strelok (sound familiar?) who somehow ventured too close to the reactor and may have prompted the emissions. Basically, Clear Sky offers up some background to Shadow and attempts to throw a different light onto its story. Thus the game world is a mixture of tweaked environments from the first game and some new areas."

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