Nintendo Announce New 'Shake it Up Baby' Casual Brand

In a surprise move, Nintendo have announced a new brand, targeted at casual gamers, much like EA's 'Freeplay' range. This new brand goes by the name of 'Shake it Up Baby', and will allow less seasoned gamers to jump right in to the most complicated of games.

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Duraji3298d ago

Lame. The article is clearly a satire. Who approved this as official news?

FantasyStar3298d ago

This is what they do. And I totally love the satire. Shake, shake, shake, shake! That's an excellent way to summarize everything Wii Motion-based.

ShawnCollier3297d ago

I dunno why it was approved as it was. They passed it off as official news from Nintendo.

Mahr3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I was always under the impression that satire actually involved some form of... humor.

Yuji Naka3298d ago

To be honest, the way Nintendo is now... Sarcastic Gamer isnt far from the truth.

ChickeyCantor3298d ago

How are they, Enlighten us.

ChickeyCantor3298d ago

why do people like you even bother?
What good does your comment do?

Yes yes you are entitled to your opinion, but even you know such comments are basically...useless.

razorbladelight3298d ago

they just aren't up to par with their classical, superior version of themselves of the past.

Max Power3298d ago

but do they mean a shaking baby game?

Product3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Funny how people who bash Nintendo always do it on articles like this and not articles about Madworld or House of the Dead Overkill.
Thats like pointing out a pimple on a hot girl...obviously your missing the Whole picture.