The X Factor writes: "With last week's price cut now in force, Microsoft's one-year headstart in the console race has shown itself once again. The Xbox 360 is now far enough into its lifespan for significant price cuts to start filtering through, and as a result, the Xbox 360 Arcade system is now the cheapest current-generation console on the market in both North America and Europe.

Admittedly, the 360 Arcade remains a pretty disappointing prospect for most consumers. With the forthcoming Xbox 360 firmware update set to introduce hard drive installation for games, the drive's importance to the system continues to grow - it's already essential for many game demos, for the Xbox movie rental service, and even for some Xbox Live Arcade titles."

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meepmoopmeep3542d ago

i feel sorry for the misinformed who buy an Arcade.

you miss out on a lot of great features of the 360 without an HDD.

Bleem3603542d ago

Whilst I do agree with you to a point meepmoopmeep, there are still a small number of people who get by pretty well with the cheap Arcade sku.

I'll get panned for saying this, but my Mum is actually a gamer (coming up on 50!) and she does fine with the Arcade. She doesn't use Live for anything and has no interest in it. She's got a good range of games and enjoys them for what they are 'as is'. I know she's missing out on a lot, I've got an Elite myself and use all the extras.

I will give you a hit of agreement for it though, her favorite game is Overlord and she can't get the add-on pack without a Live connection. If it's wasn't for that I'd have to click disagree ;)