Pocket-Lint: Sony Reader PRS-505 e-book Review

Pocket-Lint Writes:

"There is no doubt that Sony's Reader has brought added interest to the world of e-books, adding to the likes of Amazon's Kindle, iRex iLiad, Bookeen Cybook and BEBook. So could this be the coming of age for the e-book?"

"Fortunately there is little with the Reader itself to confuse. Navigation of the menus is relatively intuitive, if a little slow. The two software options might cause some initial confusions for some, but both are fairly simple to use: third-party options are also around for those with a preference, but DRM issues with the Waterstones' e-book store require Adobe's Digital Editions."

"Competitively priced and supported by a major bookstore, it remains to be seen how readily available other booksellers make their digital editions. In the meantime, I'm off to read Foxbat."

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