Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band: The Complete Breakdown

via "With only one real full-band music game on the market last holiday, the competition between Guitar Hero III and Rock Band could hardly be called a true match-up. This fall, however, will finally see the two rhythm-based rivals battle it out on even ground, as Activision has brought the Guitar Hero franchise up to speed with Guitar Hero: World Tour's full-band complement. The recent news of peripheral harmony may have taken some of the edge off the prospect of choosing between these two titles, but what about people looking for their first band experience? Last year merely marked the rhythm genre's initial ascendance into the mainstream, so without a doubt more people than ever will be looking to jump in this holiday. That's why we're here, to settle all consumer confusion with a concise breakdown of what these games have to offer, and which is worth your money."

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Erasmus3598d ago

I'm buying Rock Band 2 over World Tour for sure. The gameplay of the Guitar Hero series has just gone to hell after Neversoft took over.

n9com3598d ago

If I had to pick, it would be Rock Band 2, but tbh i'd rather buy a real drum kit and learn to play it for real.

Inzipid3598d ago

This article glosses over GHs difficulty and custom music features in a thinly-veiled puff piece for RB2. Choose what you will, but GH is for music lovers, RB2 is for the 'pick up and play' karaoke set.

Erasmus3598d ago

I think I prefer that "pick up and play" nature myself, its just more accessible. Also keep in mind the real music lovers are playing real instruments.

n9com3598d ago

RB2 will do better overall

sa_nick3597d ago

I don't agree. GH will sell a lot because of it's brand name Harmonix created for it. RB2 sales will be great, but although the game will be superior, it's sales won't match that of GH

n9com3598d ago

all i know is 360 versions will be better ;)