TGR's Rumor Killers: Rock Band on TV, Fight Night 4, and Motorstorm PSP

TGR - "Over the last few years, television executives have gone a little crazy with the reality shows. You can't turn on a station without hitting some program that requires contestants to live in a house together making catty remarks to a camera while doing ridiculous challenges. Now it looks like video games might be making a featured appearance in a show, as rumors have begun swirling that MTV is considering a reality show based around Rock Band.

According to this post on Craigslist, the producers are looking for groups of four in the SoCal area to appear on a show themed after Rock Band 2. Examples of potential 'unique' bands include a firefighter house and a sorority. Each group is required to consist of four members (a vocalist, bassist, guitarist, and drummer), with everyone involved over the age of 18. Apparently, the show is being produced by Mark Burnett, who you may know from a little show called 'Survivor.'"

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cain1413544d ago

I'd be interested in a new Fight Night... I enjoyed 3...

aubradley3544d ago

Same here, I was really disappointed when EA closed the Chicago location because it seemed like the franchise died that day. Good to see it's going to keep on kicking.

Relin3544d ago

Sounds like a crock of sh*t to me, but then so does Fear Factor and people eat that up.

cain1413544d ago

I can see it happening, but I wouldn't want to watch it...