Samurai Showdown Anthology confirmed for winter 08

Videogamer writes: "Ignition Entertainment and SNK Playmore have announced the winter 2008 release of Samurai Showdown Anthology for PlayStation 2, PSP and Wii.

The game will include all six titles from the popular franchise. Samurai Showdown first appeared on the NEOGEO MVS system in July 1993 and quickly gained a massive following, with players taking to the fast-paced, brutal gameplay."

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N4g_null3598d ago

If you did not get to play the 4th installment then you need to buy this game!. Any thing after that version is crazy good also. Hopefully you get the full move list also. Now that SF is not as popular maybe this game will get to shine. The guys with the ninja star attached to the chain is just crazy!