Top 5 Nintendo Wii Third Party Games

WiiBlog: "When I was writing up the anticipated release date of Mega Man 9, it got me thinking about games that Capcom has released on the Nintendo Wii. Then my easily distracted mind then thought about other releases for the Nintendo Wii. Particularly the releases of the third party kind.

All of this random thinking has led to today's Top 5 Nintendo Wii Third Party Games list. Just a heads up, no Virtual Console titles will be on the list…"

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PS360WII3473d ago

What no My Life As a King? Syko I blame you for this.

Not bad I was surprised by Sonic but I'd rather see Ghost Squad, Trauma Center, Rayman Rabbits, or something else

TruthbeTold3473d ago

My Life as a King was surprisingly fun. Admittedly my need for some sort of RPG at the time really fed into my enjoyment of the game, but the concept was nice, and I wouldn't mind at all if its aspect was added to a traditional style RPG in the future. As for graphics, it's probably still the best looking WiiWare game.