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Vip3r3600d ago

I'm addicted to the GH:Aerosmith demo. I need to get GH3 and GH:WT asap.

ps360s3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Yea get's great fun :D

but make sure your lil bros or sisters dont see it or else...they be addicted to it...I learn my lesson... lol

Mr_Kuwabara3600d ago

Bullet for My Valentine = Win.

ThichQuangDuck3600d ago

How can you have travis barker remix of low but no renegades of funk like rumored list said but whatever that is why im getting Rock Band 2. But I guess that is my favorite artist and that is why I want it.But that is just me but Muse, Jimmy Eat World,Metallica are good. But there is a lot of out of place songs in there and Rock Band has better DLC support and have pretty much confirmed Rage against The Machine Track Pack.

Fadixon3600d ago

no Disturbed :( oh well its still an awesome list

koston36473600d ago

rock band 2 FTW!!!!!!!!!!

ps360s3600d ago

GH is the theme for this news...

You need to go somewhere else boy

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The story is too old to be commented.