Top 7 Most Idiotic Gaming Related Crimes

Split-Screen writes: "So you used games to compensate for some social problem you had? You used games as a means to train yourself to bring your messed up urges to the real world in hope of some reward that would last beyond the 'Game Over' screen? Are you so broke that you can afford a hand-gun to steal a console, rather than half-a-brain to just get a job and buy one? Did you attempt to assemble ties between games and violence in the media when none existed? Or are you that rare breed who completely ditched all logic at the last minute and simply blamed your favourite game for it all? Congratulations! Because we gamers hate you for no other reason save the sane one that society likes to ignore the most: You're a frackin' idiot.

"Cheer up! On a brighter day, we may simply choose to laugh at and mock your actions to your face. Until then, be satisfied with a spot on our Top 7."

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