PS4 Pro Impression From a PC Gamer

I was one of the lucky who managed to get a PS4 Pro early and seeing as how the system is coming out today I thought of sharing my thoughts. As someone who games mainly on PC I hope the video below would provide some perspective.

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miyamoto617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

The Naughty Dog Magic is strong in this one...
"Playing 4K on PC is a bitch" - LOL!

RashBandicoot617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

It really is. Honestly I don't think I'll upgrade by 980ti until Nvidia presents a GPU that can really do 4K 60 fps with ultra settings. That to me will be the future.

I_am_Batman617d ago

You can't expect a minimum standard like that because that would require devs to be forced to achieve this standard which is not happening especially not on PC. Saying that a GPU should achieve 4k @60fps on ultra settings doesn't contain any menaingful information at all. "Ultra settings" isn't an industry standard. Ultra settings in one game can be less demanding than low settings in another game.

I personally don't like this early jump to 4k. I would've liked the PS5 (assuming a late 2019 release) to go for 1440p-1800p (with less demanding games rendering in 2160p) and upscale to 4k screens similar to how the PS3 handled 720p and 1080p games.

With the PS4 Pro mirrored GPU architecture and only a slight improvement to the CPU it makes sense that Sony is prioritising resolution I just hope that they don't set expectations for the PS5 to be a native 4k machine.

RashBandicoot617d ago

@I_AM_BATMAN I know each game varies but right now for instance I can play most if not all games on Ultra 1080p @60 FPS. What I mean to say is that once it reaches that standard for 4K I'd invest in a new GPU.

I_am_Batman616d ago

I see. That will certainly take another couple of years. If next gen consoles push for native 4k resolution you'll probably get a GPU like that reasonably soon. The 980ti is a beast and will remain a great performing GPU for some time so you shouldn't have a problem waiting 3-4 years.

nitrogav616d ago

Was the BF1 game any different on Pro ? . Is there a proper Pro mode ? .

ShadowKnight616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

I can get 4K 60fps in a lot of my games on my gtx 1080. It works for Gears of War 4 and Battlefield one. The only game it doesn't work on is Dues ex it can't handle 4K 60fps atm. But you're right you should wait next year for the new cards because they'll be more design for 4K 60fps

TankCrossing616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

4k60 with ultra settings represents an almost absolute ceiling for graphics at the moment. If single cards perform at the ceiling then the devs aren't pushing hard enough. They could and should aim higher than that. Pushing boundaries is one of the most endearing aspects of PC gaming.

Not having to worry about performance and setting is one of the most endearing aspects of console games.

It's nice to do both!

miyamoto616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

Alrighty then.
It's the positive feeling you have experienced that matters.

Mark Cerny was able to make 4K TV gaming affordable at the right time.
Genius at work there.

With this Checkerboard Rendering technique Sony has set the PS4 Pro perfectly nice until a proper 4K PS5 comes at the right time.
And if the PS5 renders 4K games in Checkerboard then hello 8K.

ProjectVulcan616d ago

It's definitely too early for 4K consoles. When those kinds of resolutions are yet to make major waves in the PC space (it still isn't a huge market) then you can feel the market is a little too young for a mainstream console. The hardware doesn't really feel ready for it either.

Another 3 years would have been about perfect, for a totally new console platform, with a massive GPU generational leap, lots more memory and CPU performance, and comfortable 4K native gaming in everything with visual upgrades to boot.

What we have here is a sticker plaster solution. Pro is barely fast enough to make existing visuals 4K native and match the framerates of the same games on 1080p on the standard PS4.

Even in 2 years time you'll probably be able to stick something as fast as a Titan X in a new console, and get proper 4K and upgrades out of it.

indyman7777616d ago

I_AM_BATMAT.....Please sir didnt you know people cant handle the truth?

UCForce616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

Good video. I will buy Pro but I have to spend my money wisely.

KingAlistair615d ago

i traded my 980 ti for 550$ 1 month before the 1080 came out and got another one for sli.Very big upgrade and easily 4k/60 fps every game i own.

starchild615d ago

The PS4 Pro is a good value, offering pretty good quality for the price. On PC though you have to realize that you're usually running at higher settings and higher framerates than on the Pro so of course it will be more demanding.

I personally think a Gsync or FreeSync monitor is a must if you're doing any high end PC gaming. I'm able to run most games at 4k resolution at ultra or nearly ultra settings on my GTX 1070. With variable refresh rate monitors you don't need to worry about maintaining 60fps. Obviously the higher framerate the better, but even framerates between 35 and 60fps are pretty smooth on these monitors.

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Forum_Pirate616d ago

What he doesn't mention: Playing most games on PC at ultra settings offers far higher quality visuals than the consoles can (and if you don't believe me, go look at the DF tombraider comparisons, and pay special attention to anything that doesn't get to be center screen a lot.

Irishguy95616d ago

Yeah, everyone loves their HDR and 4K, but the textures themselves are ignored..for now. Whatever Buzzword pops up!

ShadowKnight616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

He definitely forgot to mention that 😊. But for the value the Pro is still a great system

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Errorist76616d ago

He mentioned that in an earlier video already. Yet he still said the PSPro held up remarkably well.

Forum_Pirate615d ago

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times, you can get a 4k/30/Ultra capable PC (if will do 60 at the same settings but only in supremely optimized games, think DOOM and Borderlands 2) for 450 USD if you go hunt down a used i52500k on ebay and grab a 1060 or 480, which can maintain 4k/30/ultra quite often, especially if you tone down AA. If you don't buy used parts you're looking at 550 to 600, and if you add the cost of PS+ to your console like you should when assessing it's cost then the PC comes out about the same in terms of price. If you had bought a $900 PC around PS4 launch you would *still* have a more powerful PC than the PS4 pro and if you're upgrading from a PS4 to a PS4 pro it would also have been cheaper to get the PC.

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solideagle616d ago

"when you buy a new console you expect a new menu" he is not impressed because menu is same, first of all this is not new console. It's PS4 but enhanced version of it. I hope you understand the difference between new console versus same console with upgrade. did you expect new menu when you bought PS3 slim? lol

Travis3708616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

He was expecting a new menu (Which is dumb) but other then that, he loves the 4K! The visuals look really good and HDR makes everything better.

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