Eurogamer: Crysis Warhead Review

Eurogamer writes: "One of the strangest things about Warhead is that, while at times it practically beats you over the head with creaky old FPS conventions, more often than not it manages to make them feel fresh, or at the very least, intelligently crafted. Ideally, I'd rather not play another game with a mine section or a train section, or a set-piece where I have to defend an area against waves of enemies while a colleague does something clever and time-consuming with explosives behind me".

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Cartesian3D3480d ago

it seems this time crysis isnt just about graphics.. I enjoyed the original (it was fun to kill humans cuz of better AI,but aliens were annoying )

better level design(eurogamer opinion) will make this a must buy for me
waiting for more user opinions

mersenne3480d ago

crytek does it again

hope it gets this kind of review from all

pc gaming rules