Final Fantasy XV Is Revolutionizing the Main Series, and It Can't Go Back From Here

Twinfinite Writes: Final Fantasy XV has been a long time coming and it's doing a lot to modernize the series. The series can only keep going forward from here.

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PhoenixUp376d ago

I love the series for changing things up so much. FFXV and DQXI are on the opposite spectrum of each other.

I also can't wait to see how the combat system in FFVII Remake will play in comparison. Nomura says although it will be an action-RPG it will still use some elements of the ATB in certain ways.

joethetimelord376d ago

It really is an exciting time. Square Enix has been doing it right lately with Dragon Quest Builders and World of FF. Feels like they've learned from their mistakes made in the FFXIII series (thanks in part to the change of CEOs) and are back on track.

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joethetimelord375d ago

EDGE didn't get the full game, nor did the EDGE reviewer achieve the game's actual ending, as has been explicitly stated by Final Fantasy XV's official twitter.

The "travel back in time" bit isn't a surprise as Tabata has been very clear that something like this was going to happen.

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NotoriousWhiz375d ago

Well, I really liked xenogears despite not liking the 2nd half enough to finish the game. If the first half is good enough, then I'll be content. There are actually a bunch of games that I've enjoyed that I've never beaten, though mostly due to my limited free time and desire to play other games.

joethetimelord375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

@Shin-Zantetsuken It's difficult to say at this early point, though I do notice that the EDGE article doesn't really mention that it has the full game, and only implies this by mentioning a confusing ending. The review has also told us almost nothing we didn't know aside from the "stealth horror" segment that supposedly makes up the second half of the game. The whole preview seems incredibly vague and off.

The most suspicious part is that EDGE made it clear that they played 40 hours of the game, rather than boasting about how they got their hands on the full, final, release copy. I'm not finding such a statement anywhere.

Meanwhile Square has spoken, claiming that they did not give them the final product. This could be damage control, sure, but EDGE hasn't really denied this claim either.

As I see it it's too early to make a judgement just yet. The burden of proof is on EDGE. Once they confirm or deny that they got the final game, then we'll know for sure.

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joethetimelord375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Found this little tidbit by the writer of the EDGE article: "It wasn't the final build so may well have been parts excluded!"

EDIT: @Shin-Zantetsuken Agreed that this confusion is making things weird. The author also mentioned that he only played to Chapter 14 in a reported 15 Chapter game, which would explain why the end confused him. Also a sign that Square did lend EDGE an advance preview copy that didn't reflect the final build. Hopefully more details will clear this nonsense up.

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Summons75375d ago

I'm sure the combat will be similar to 15 because they probably used 15 as a foundation to get the game going quickly (my guess is for the 20th next year) for part 1 at least. Having some ATB back would be interesting.

showtimefolks375d ago

Real time combat has me interested and I stated away from FF series due to turned based combat

I hope most of future FF games use real time combat along with FF7 remake using same

Turned based games have a place in gaming but it's a niche market compared to a much more vast market for real time action rpg combat

Tapani375d ago

The only real-time combat in RPGs I like is the one in Souls' games. I'd love to see Final Fantasy with that kind of combat... I do like the teleport feature now though, it's really cool after watching Kingsglaive and part of the story.

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joethetimelord375d ago

Sounds like Square Enix finally figured out just what it has: Dragon Quest for maintaining that classic turn based experience and Final Fantasy for its world famous (and infamous) envelope pushing, with each side dabbling in the other (WoFF and DQ: Builders for example). Things are looking up. Builders alone is incredibly addictive and WoFF was very enjoyable. Can't wait for XV, especially after seeing the fixes done in the Gold version.

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BlackDoomAx375d ago

It can't go back to the great games that they were.

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kalkano375d ago

Yep. It can die though.

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