Wii "Inhospitable" for Third Parties

Following the release of August U.S. software sales data, Doug Creutz, an analyst with Cowen and Company, said Friday that the Nintendo Wii isn't exactly the best venue for non-Nintendo publishers.

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Gr813598d ago

The third party games that sell more on the Wii than any other console are ignored and the ones that don't are highlighted as proof of something that isn't true to begin with.

dib8rman3598d ago

Ps3 must be like the plauge according to these guys, 3rd parties need to stay clear of that one. Soon they will come to realize that Games that target everyone are games that sell on the Wii platform, if by sell we mean Million Sellers.

REUC had a PS2 version that sold for crap, REUC on the Wii managed to break 1 million, which is more that most Xbox360 games even hope of making as a sales marker.

Gr813598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I agree with all you said..I didn't know PS2 had UC..Or did you mean an UC "like" game?

Wii hasn't received the big budget AAA 3rd party offereing yet. So until it does and it a Haze or Too human, then we can talk. But like you said games need a Million+ just to break even on many HD games.

Product3598d ago

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles was never released for the ps2.

I think of it like this.....there is alot of shovelware on the wii ..its true as much as i dont liek kinda makes it worth it when a great title does appear on the wii.
If you oversaturate the market with a certain genre of game then only a few will shine(look at the ps3...killzone shines while Haze flopped,xbox Gears shines but Too Human isnt doing as expected)
Now if the market for your system is mostly shovelware then when a game comes around to challenge that it will make a bigger impact then another shovelware game because its disrupting the market.

Take the virtual console for instance........there is usually 2 games released for it a week,now every week im hoping for a Goldeneye or Super Mario Kart,but instead i get 2 games Im not interested in;but when a great title is released on the vc like Megaman its well worth the wait because if i got great titles every week i would be spoiled and come to expect just that...great titles every week.
Right now i think third parties are starting to come year imho i think well see more third party games then in the previous 2 years.

Gr813598d ago

You hit it the nail on the head. I may sound like a broken record at this point, but just look at the DS' first two yrs and look at the Wii's. Parallels are damn near identical, it took a while but once the DS threw off the "fad" stigma 3rd parties came around in a big way and haven't stopped since. I think Wii is gonna get a similar response. Since it too shed the whole "fad" bs.

deno3598d ago

Why would he compare madden anyway. Madden is not everyones typical game. I enjoy the wii. I have ghost squad, mario, zelda, metroid prime,resident evil umbrella chronicles, zak and wiki, okami, resident evil 4, metal slug anthology, excite truck. Day of disaster is coming and so is the conduit, resident evil 2 remake, rygar.