What MGS4 Taught Me About War

EDGE Online's Steven Poole writes:

"I am tired of war. The relentless crump and shudder of explosions, and the whineskip- puff of bullets that miss me by inches; my aching lower back; the cynical global machinations of the military-industrial complex. Sometimes I have to find a quiet place to sit and rest just to calm my shaken mind. War is hell.

On the other hand, I'm really stoked about increasing my tally so far of 162 headshots, and I've just acquired a new bolt-on gadget for my beloved M4 custom. Plus, for all the 'war economy' talk (a lurid sci-fi version of Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine), there's nothing more relaxing than going shopping between missions. For guns, I'm as happy and docile a consumer as anyone else. And I can't help but look forward to trying out my new toys on the next unsuspecting mercenary. War is great!"

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meepmoopmeep3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

we are all tools of our governments

too much patriotism makes you blind

devilhunterx3513d ago

and some people are just TOOLS

jcfilth3513d ago

Someone actually reported this as "Lame". This is what the guy said in the report:

Lame: (2 minutes ago)
first its a blog, but more importanly its just LAME. I am sorry, but anyone who tries to tell me they got taught ANYTHING about War from video games honestly is just reaching way to hard. Nothing in games or movies can prepare you for what you face in actual War.
Reported by: Dlacy13g

Obviously this guy has never played a MGS game, don't know sh!t about war and has no idea of what the government is capable of.

btw..he doesn't own a PS3. I guess the article says too many good things about the game and this dude didn't like it o_0...fanboys!!

Veronica Belmont3513d ago

theres nothing like squeezing the trigger on that anti material rifle for the first time, or holding down the trigger and letting of 500 rounds of ammunition into the general direction of the enemy with the light machine gun. War is good, war with surround sound is great!

ShinMaster3513d ago

The author of this article is obviously a moron/Xbox fanboy.

He writes:
"the director is telling us that war is hell, but he is also showing us how exciting it is"

Yes it is hell, but it's also a videogame which is supposed to be fun and exciting to play.

This was simply another Sony/MGS4 hating article.

PimpHandStrong3513d ago

i remember fixing broken bones and pulling out bullets in Snake Eater


i didnt read this because i dont read edge