Jolt Review - Mercenaries 2: World in Flames "Mercenaries 2 is a scrappy game. It's entertaining enough and puts a worryingly cheerful face on a seven-way power struggle that has spilled into violent street fighting, but at times it feels put together with plywood and bits of string. The jump to current-generation systems has clearly not been a smooth one for the series: awesome explosions and sprawling vistas vie for your attention with questionable animation and dodgy lighting effects

The game mostly gets away with this because, like the original, the notion of realism has been completely rejected. Well, almost completely. In a game where you can have a tank blown up around you and walk away unscathed or run into a hail of bullets and take out a whole squad with a few punches, the setting, so we're supposed to believe, is in the very real country of Venezuela. The thing is, this big sandbox level only vaguely resembles its namesake, and the caricatured citizens that roam the streets could have easily come from any made up South American state.

Fighting for control is the national army (who most people hate), the obligatory fundamentalist rebels, an oil company and some Jamaican pirates. Even the US and China get involved to protect and further their interests. In the middle of it all is you, one of the many mercenaries looking to make some big money, and as in the first game you can cross, double cross, triple cross and basically switch sides however often you like."

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