Full global sales reports planned

Frustrated global sales analysts, rejoice; the leading charts authorities in the world are close to agreeing a new monthly report that will offer definitive sales data for 'the whole planet'.

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gaffyh3452d ago

Hopefully now we will have accurate sales data instead of VGChartz estimates.

lwhatee3452d ago

cus it is dead last in worldwide sales

Skadoosh3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

Actually no, the 360 is in second place while the Wii is in first place. The ps3 is in dead last. But like I said before I'm sure Microsoft doesn't give a rats ass who gets first or second place because their gaming division has finally been seeing profit this year. The 360 is a huge success. While the ps3 hasn't made a profit yet and from the looks of it, it might not for a long time.