A Year of Unfulfilled Hype and Disappointments

LazyGamer: "This years games rush is quickly approaching and looking to be one of the biggest and most expensive ever. There are games coming out that will be accompanied by huge amounts of hype. For most gamers buying every game they want between now and Christmas is going to be especially difficult.

For this reason I want to take a look back at some games that released this year and didn't manage to live up to the hype, games that were touted for greatness that just ended up as an average experience."

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Lord Vader3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Yep, 2007 for the seriously overhyped Lair. Now the point of reference in video games that all *poop* is measured by.

Alone in the Dark & Haze & Facebreaker all sucked too, but I really did enjoy Too Human... while I know that most Sony fanboyz,... er I mean N4G users, did not like the game.

The gaming GOD3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

The INTERNET made it look like it was. Lair had no advertisements, no T.V. commercials, etc. And it's not just "sony fanboys" that think Too Human sucked. I have a 360 and I myself considered buying Too Human until I played the demo.

P.S.- if n4g users are Sony fanboys now, by your theory in 2006 and 2007 n4g users were MS fanboys. So please, let's cut the "fanboys" only say such and such a game sucks. It not only pointless, but it's one-sided thinking as well.

Lord Vader3479d ago

LOL = omg Lair was SOOOOOOOOO hyped by Sony being one of the first to embrace the six axis controls !!!! I saw many TV commercials, as well as listening to Phil Harrison talk about how awesome the game was going to be & the use of six-axis at E3 & other events, G4, ect!!!


"if n4g users are Sony fanboys now, by your theory in 2006 and 2007 n4g users were MS fanboys"

Exactly how did you calculate that Sony-boy ???

Sorry I dont worship a console-maker !!! I only worship great games & their developers, Sony & M$ are a bunch of LIARS in my book that fill the simple-minded folk with empty promises & poop.

Dude, go cry to somebody who cares !


The gaming GOD3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

I buy my own games and happen to have all three systems. I don't need to kiss up to ANY system. How about you?

As for my calculations, I came up with my "calculations" the same way you came up with yours.

I don't need to "cry". It's people like yourself that come here crying fanboy foul day in and day out. And if you disagree, just look at your first comment.

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DeZimatoR3479d ago

Ppl take every opportunity they have to bash Lair, that's why.

That's probably one of the most hated games ever I think...

Rich16313479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Haze, Too Human, and Socom: Confrontation are the most disappointing titles this year for me. All three suck some serious ***. Beta or not, I don't care, Socom: Confrontation is FAR BEYOND repair. It is a complete joke--bad graphics, textures, animations, tons of visual seems/stitches, slow/clunky menus, cover is useless since you can't crouch behind something and shoot (gives you the yellow circle with the line through it), recoil is insane etc. It just feels clunky and isn't fun.

LOL! @ The Author of the article, Who the **** was hyping Facebreaker? We all knew that game would blow!, it looked like a turd the day it was announced.