9/11 Commemoration today in Second Life: Giving virtual voice to those who were lost

A 9/11 remembrance was held in Second Life yesterday on the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C.

As reported by The Click Heard Round the World:

"There were 70-80 other avatars present... Most folks sat on the grass in respectful silence, restricting communication to instant messages. A couple of avatars in soldier's uniforms stood at attention. Believe it or not, it means a lot for a bunch of avatars to sit in silence. It just never happens...

On the audio stream, starting at 8:45AM EST (when the first tower was hit) and for several hours afterwards, the names of all the victims of 9/11 were read out by various members of the Second Life community... You could hear people's voices breaking in the midst of reading the seemingly endless list of those lost..."

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KidMakeshift3599d ago

People still play Second Life?

Skadoosh3599d ago

It's not really a game. It's like Sony's Home but about a million times bigger.

devilhunterx3599d ago

You're wrong. And thats all I can say..

Skadoosh3599d ago

Pretty cool. Everybody has their own way to express their emotions and feelings.

Spydiggity3599d ago

i hope these "virtual voices" declared their disgust with the way the "official" 9/11 investigation was handled. the story we've been told is an obvious lie.

jerethdagryphon3599d ago

losing someone in that incedent must have been terrible

and even if the names are no longer read at ground zero

its good that there heard.

as with any massive crime the dead must not be forgotten (holocaust and 9/11 and the genocides in afrika)

so im glad they did it

Lumbo3599d ago

I am kinda appalled by you putting a mere terror attack on the same level as the holocaust or any other genocide, i guess you lost your perspective somewhere on the way from start to finish of your post...

To get your perspective fixed:

If we had a 9/11 EVERY WEEK for the next 45 Years you would merely come close to the death toll of the holocaust..

And thats not to belittle the pain and the anguish the families of the 9/11 terrorist act feel. I was watching TV when the actual event happened, and i was speechless, too, and even days later i thought what kind of sick [email protected] would do something as wrong as that.

NewSchoolGamer3599d ago

there is a big difference between Second Life and HOME that I don't see how such a smart person as yourself cannot comprehend.

With HOME you meet friends and then set off to play games. In Second Life that IS the game!lol.

Anyway that look cool, tried second life one day but I could'nt run it on my pc.

Skadoosh3599d ago

Seriously don't turn this into a fanboy war. Everything you can do in Home you can do in Second Life. For example, they have areas just for 360 owners and people gather there and talk about 360 games and such. So I can easily meet new friends and go play some games with them. So stop seriously. Only fanboys can turn an article like this into an argument.

Lumbo3599d ago

I find it highly amusing that the VERY person who started the usual fanboy blabber in THIS topic again is now complaining about imagined fanboys using this topic, right skadoosh ....

If you hadn't poisoned the topic yet again with your anti-sony/home blabber no one would have mentioned it. Bravo ....

macalatus3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )


1. You posted a "loaded sentence" so it's not everyone's fault that they thought you were starting a flame war.

2. Home is designed and optimized for gamers. In Warhawk, your clan mates can talk about tactics in a Warhawk-themed room complete with a layout of Warhawk maps. You can also launch a game with your team mates straight from Home. Sure you can talk about games in Second Life, but it's light-years different and therefore not in the same league as Home.

ps360s3599d ago

in a way it's true...second life is your second life, buying things ect as you would do real life...People into second life makes it their second life.

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