Pocket Gamer: Subbuteo Mobile Review

The world is falling in on itself. Now, not only are there games that replicate games, but there are games that replicate those games that replicate other games. It's as if Pocket Gamer is trapped in some kind of vortex; in years gone by, those who had a love of football but were useless with their pins turned to Subbuteo and flicked their way to glory. Now there's an option for those of us who are useless at flicking, too – yes, now they can tap buttons instead.

Joining the scores of plain old footie titles that have marched onto the mobile, we now have a version of Subbuteo that attempts to replicate its finger flicking fun on a handset near you. The only problem is, it has about as much life in it as a burst football. In terms of authenticity, aficionados will note that it's all here, but games don't feel much more by the numbers than this – this is Subbuteo without soul.

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