RPS Impressions: Fifa 09

Rock.Paper.Shotgun: "Though we may hide our various lights under an electronic bushel, in the real world an exciting new hobby has proven itself exceedingly popular: foot-to-ball. It's so beloved of British gentlemen that they will literally kill one other to demonstrate their enthusiasm for it. It's simply spiffing that modern men are so unafraid to display their passions in public.

Amazingly, foot-to-ball isn't only played with a foot and a ball. It's also made it way to the personal computer system, in a form where your feet remain entirely uninvolved. I do not entirely understand the logic - why not go outside and apply your foot to a ball yourself? - but I have just had the privelege of playing the demonstration version of the new Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum 90. Read on to discover my experiences of this bad-tempered gentlemen's preferred pastime."

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