10 Fixes for Vista's Worst Features

Windows Vista is loaded with features, but they don't all work as they should. Here's how to tweak, modify, cope with, or work around the operating system's biggest blunders.

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Charlie26883476d ago

Vista UAC...every time I remember gives me the shivers :S

gaffyh3476d ago

Lol True. I tried the firewall fix, and it doesn't seem to work properly for me (most likely I'm doing it wrong), it just blocks all outbound internet access for me.

hay3476d ago

Just turn it off. Easy. I have no problems with it.

Droid3476d ago

pointless article.

most of the "issues" are non existent and just make no sense. clearly trying to fill 10 items. but yes, it is a no brainer to turn off UAC. that's pure sh1t. turn it OFF.

however, they do recommend Comodo firewall, which is great and free (much better than that Zone Alarm GARBAGE)

3476d ago
flappo3476d ago

here's a remedy

1. get a mac

10. get a mac

2-9 ( fill in the blanks )

psnDevistator3563476d ago

Only suckers who don't know how to use their money buy macs. Your mac is piece of crap. Just get a custom PC

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