IncGamers: Saints Row 2 Multiplayer Details Revealed

We've heard all about the co-op mode for Saints Row 2, but thanks to SR2 Lead Designer James Tsai, IncGamers has learned about an all-new competitive multiplayer mode called Strong Arm.

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thetamer3572d ago

Awesome!!! I knew they'd say something about multiplayer at some point! Good job IncGamers

Leord3572d ago

So, I haven't followed this too much. They have released a lot of single player stuff then?

thetamer3572d ago

Well, it's like GTA, but not at all if that makes sense. The point of it is that GTA is a single player game, unless yougo online, whereas this will allow you to play with your friends online, playing the game through

Dorjan3572d ago

at last some info on the multiplayer!

Leord3572d ago

Well, I guess they are not as tight lipped as Blizzard about things ;)

Well, in the old days they did one or two slip-ups as well ;)

Maticus3572d ago

That actually sounds really cool

thetamer3572d ago

Yeah, it is awesome. Saints Row 2 needed a multiplayer to stand out from GTA, otherwise it's just a different take on the same game

Wuushu3572d ago

Yay! I'm gonna shot me some rednecks!

darker3572d ago

Hopefully the co-op content is given the proper touch, GTA IV multiplayer lacks in that department in my opinion.

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