Guild Wars Dev Update - 10 September 2008

Yesterday's skill balance and update for Guild Wars brought with it some large changes for arguably overpowered skills, bug fixes and the addition of the newest Zaishen Reward tonic for September. Despite the creepy appearance of that new Macabre Tonic creature, the main topic on everyone's mind is the change to the Unyielding Aura Elite skill.

This skill had previously been the cornerstone for what's known as Ghost Running, where players could take advantage of what could best be described as an exploit. This also worked for many popular farming runs as well. With this new patch, Unyielding Aura now only works "within spell casting range", eliminating the way characters could rez from across the map. Of course many players don't like this fix, but as any veteran Guild Wars player knows, it doesn't take ArenaNet long to remedy unbalanced skills.

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