Levine: Not "substantially involved" with Bioshock 2

OXM reports that Ken Levine says he is "not going to be substantially involved" with development of the sequel.

In the interview with OXM, Ken Levine discusses his exact involvement with the sequel as well as pointing out some of the key staff from the original who will also be working on Bioshock 2.

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Silogon3598d ago

I don't like this smug spunk worm. Every picture has him mysteriously starring in the camera like he's a super model, yet the guy is fat and has more bags under his eye than a 70 year old woman watching a Golden girls marathon.

this guy is just a pretentious ass smack.

TwissT3597d ago

That's too bad. I just hope that he finds a reliable person to help develop and carry on the Bioshock name.

Slinger4203595d ago

That game is one fine piece of art and it was definitely one man's dream that was brought to life so perfectly. How could they ever surpass that without him ???