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The stages have all had a massive overhaul – The regular old "Classic" stage, with its green floor and gray blocks, is still the same as always. Other stages will heavily affect the gameplay however - some of them simply have additional obstacles to watch out for, but others actually influence the players. The "Hyper Feet" stage, for example, starts all players off at maximum speed, meaning it'll be very hard to keep track of what's happening! There are a total of 10 stages to pick from this time, of which 2 have to be unlocked. All stages also have a "large" and "small" version, for those who prefer things even more hectic!

Of course, the regular battle mode alone won't cut it – There's a bunch of new game modes as well. In Air Raid, nobody can lay bombs. The objective, instead, is to run around dodging the bombs that rain from the sky! After they land you have a few seconds to find a safe spot (the ground is covered in markers revealing where the fire will spread). Of course the objective here is to be the last man standing!

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