GiN: Enough is enough!

Todd Hargosh writes:

"Two years. We are hitting two years since the launch of the Nintendo Wii. But even after all that time, I was only able to find three consoles in stock, one of which I was able to purchase, and even then I had to check the box to see if it was legit. I was afraid it would either be a display box or a retail box that was filled with phonebooks or anything else that would make the box heavy.

And keep in mind that my search went through five states: Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and West Virginia (where I found the last unit along with my co-host in the Gamer Geeks show. I actually had to ask her if this was a sign of the Apocalypse.)

That last Wii console was found during The July Fourth weekend. Since then I have not been able to locate any more. And don't even get me started on the Wii Fit. I have not found one single copy of the game, nor the balance board peripheral. Gamestop is actually offering a $60 trade in for both the game and board in an attempt to get some copies in, and I'm sure that will be the only way they will find some (unless people decide to just put the game up on eBay. Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.)

Wii Fit has been out for almost four months, and for Nintendo to not have any in stock for this long is as baffling. Why is it taking them so long to meet demand for either Fits or Wiis? To make matters worse, they are actually shipping more copies over to Europe because the value of the Euro is stronger than that of the almighty dollar."

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FreestyleBarnacle3480d ago

Sorry, tons over here in Europe. Hooray for strong currencies and rip off prices.

chanmasta3480d ago UK there are loads!!!

And yes I do live in the UK...

Mahr3480d ago

"I would love to have a one on one discussion with Reggie to get the full story on what is going on and to see if my biggest fears are true: that Nintendo is intentionally hoarding Wiis and Wii Fits in order to create an artificial hype."

Right, because intentionally making substantially less money than you could be making is the *keystone* strategy of every business.

Gr813480d ago

LoL, that was funny, I honestly don't know where some ppl pull this $hit from.