PlayStation 4 - everything you need to know

If Microsoft is secretly readying a new Xbox to succeed the Xbox 360, then surely Sony must be working on a PlayStation 4? TechRadar makes some predictions on what will be inside Sony's next console.

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THC CELL3417d ago

the only thing i need to no is...........

Where can i pre order right now ?

Pain3417d ago

Unlike a complete hardware redesign like that other Last gen trying to be next 68% faulty one...

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3417d ago

Your not allowed to say 68% RRoD on this!!! ;-D
Micro$oft are Watching you!!! ;-D

TheXgamerLive3416d ago

I think a disc drive won't show up atleast for MS as it will all be digital downloads, not sure where sony is in that process though.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3416d ago

...It will be SH*T like the Original xBox + xBox 360!!! ;-D

Original xBox = DEAD
xBox 360 = DYING

;-D ;-D ;-D

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Stryfeno23417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

This is why Sony is in trouble now..
"The hardware guys developed the [PlayStation 3] fairly independently, then dumped it onto the software guy's lap, effectively saying 'do something with it.'"

It seems like we can expect the PS4 earlier then expected...I dont think Sony will get rid of the optical drive because Sony had lost alot to make Blu-ray successful. Plus, what about backward compatibility...Optical disk is a must.

But one thing for sure, the PS4 wont be release with a high price tag and way more developer friendly.

DavidMacDougall3417d ago

It will probably have an updated Blu-Ray lazer so they can use them new 100-500Gb Blu Ray discs but still read the old ones for backwards compatibility

DTClown3417d ago

-BluRay standard in every SKU...a faster spinning BluRay.

-More RAM...I bet 1GB DDR

-2 Cell processors

-1 Terabyte hard drive

I do believe they will offer 2 versions, a fully loaded media hub version, and a stripped down economy version. Both SKU's will have the same capabilities for playing games though. Day 1 purchase for me!

Calcio3417d ago

"More RAM...I bet 1GB DDR"
Bet it's more than that...

HighDefinition3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

It will a beautiful thing and the PS3 will still be supported.

Ju3417d ago

The specs are a bit exaggerated, IMO. But I'd go in same direction, though. Two CELLs won't happen, but I guess they'll have the new multicore CELL (2xPPU, 32xSPU). HDD will not go up significantly because of cost reasons (but 100+GB should be standard), and the RAM possibly could hit 1GB (but less, if more cost effective and allows them to do all they want - with better streaming support). I'm curious what they're gonna do with the RSX...

HighDefinition3417d ago

I agree.

Except. HDDs aren`t that expensive, especially in BULK.

Anton Chigurh3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

maybe they should consider a [email protected] [email protected] as the main CPU =P

right now , I'm happy with my PS3 and the 360


Ju3417d ago

Every cent counts, though. If they can get along with lower costs, then they'll do it. I am pretty aware, that usually a 20G HDD costs more then a 100G drive these days (especially in bulk, because bigger drives are simply in higher demand). But, the mainstream sweet spot will possibly stay around 160-250G for a while, I suppose.

HighDefinition3417d ago

I think it`ll be between 250GB and 500GB, so we kinda agree.

Also, if the BR Drive stays(which it most likely will) it`ll definitly help them in cost. Since by then it`ll be like DVD was last year. Cheap to buy/produce.

MNicholas3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

8 x Next generation Cell processors with 32 SPEs each (8 x PPE, 256 x SPE)
8192MB XDR
256GB solid state "hard drive"

Common API for game control, audio and graphics

Backward's compatibility components:
RSX w/256MB GDDR3 (slowly phased out)
Blu-ray Drive (cheap to manufacture)

Break-even from Day 1. Profitability in 6-12 months.

Rob0g0rilla3417d ago

Plus all that other stuff? That would pretty sweet. I don't even think Crysis requires 2 Gbs of ram.

SaiyanFury3417d ago

This argument for digital downloads is still moot. People can download a 1GB demo in an hour or two. Sometimes up to 4, like on my 1.5mbps internet connection. But to download a full size PS3 game like say, MGS4, do you know how long it would take to download that on my connection? I've downloaded torrents that were nearly 40GB and it took me over a month to download. Digital downloads will NOT become the main source of games until internet infrastructure can match the bandwidth requirements needed. What I mean, of course, is that everyone needs to have access to high speed broadband with at least 40-50mbps in order to truly be effective. And with the recent trend of ISPs in the US capping bandwidth, I don't see it happening.

potenquatro3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

quad or dual quad cells with better tool set
2+ gigs Nvidia and a serious talk with Nvidia for a serious card better OS
DS3 with better sticks
impose some standard internet features on game devs
faster BD drive to make installs optional not mandatory
rear usb
same reliable harware
keep black colors

QuackPot3417d ago

But 1 Gig Ram is just not enough especially for the various uses of the ps3/ps4.

The multi-cell is the way to go. If the typical cell becomes dirt cheap, all sony has to do primarily build a improved mother board with faster system bus and able to handle more ram and of course an improved GPU.

This way Sony doesn't have to spend alot in development of the Ps4. This also means the Ps4 would be alot cheaper on release than the ps3....and alot powerful.

This is the obvious way to go especially if Sony is unlikely to recoup development and production costs per unit sold of the ps3 during its life cycle.

Evolution not Revolution....

Guwapo773417d ago

- Dual Cells (2 x PPU; 16 x SPE)
- 2 or 4 gig XDR (not DDR 1-15; XDR is the way for PS3)
- Some new ATi card build for the PS4. (something tells me they are going to jump ship from Nvidia and Intel's new card isn't an option, I don't have any facts to support this...just a hunch)
- 750gig HDD low model; 250gig SSD high model
- post draft n for network card
- Blu-ray 10x (no DL'ing will not be the sole means for PS4 to operate, with ISPs throwing caps on usage these days, 3 years from now we will not see a massive change in direction).

Gazman3417d ago

Boost the RAM to 8gig

psnDevistator3563416d ago

Will have MAGIC and will do whatever you need it to. That's the future

lsujester3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I don't imagine the thing would have TWO Cells in it. After all, IBM has improved Cell already from the version within the PS3. The new variant that it mentions, PowerXCell 8i, is what is in IBM's Roadrunner supercomputer, and it has further variants being worked.

Within the next couple of years, assuming IBM sticks to Cell and keeps improving it, it will still make a capable processor for a new console. And with devs cutting their teeth on it now, future games won't have the ultra-high learning curve the PS3 had.

As for the other parts like the GPU, being it will release in the area of 2011, you can expect a graphics chip along the lines of the ones that will be made within the next couple of years. After all, RSX is for the most part a G70 card, which NVidia release mid-2005, a year before the PS3 launched.

As for RAM, there's no way it'll launch with less than a gig, and I'd go with two if I were a betting man. Along with a couple hundred GB HDD, and we're all set.

Ateanboy3416d ago

There are SO MANY things that are wrong with that article....

Let me explain...

A PS4 without Blu-Ray? NO. It will never happen. This author seems to be in the same wishful-thinking mindset as those douche-bags over at Micro$oft.

The truth is that not even in the coming years, will all of the world be ready for download-able media exclusively. There will ALWAYS, or at least, for the next few decades, going to be some form of storage medium for media.

Not everyone in this world has internet access. And not everyone who has internet access has UNLIMITED bandwidth. And not everyone that has UNLIMITED internet access wants to so sit there and wait for a 50 GB game to download.

Not to mention that they would need a Blu-ray drive for PS3 backwards compatibility. And they WILL have PS3 backwards compatibility.

A PS4 without Blu-ray? If the PS4 doesn't have Blu-ray, then I wouldn't get a PS4. And neither will millions of other people.

The PS4 will have a Blu-ray drive. And since it's going to be a couple more years in the future, it'll most probably have a faster drive than the one the PS3 has.

Will the PS4 be a pure games machine stripped-down out of its expensive technology? NO. This could never happen. Nintendo did something similar. They chose to target the "casual" gamer, but that is because Nintendo had nothing to loose! They had NO fanbase left. Everyone had gone the way of the Playstation already. They did not loose a thing. But if SONY where to try to do the same, SONY would loose A LOT of their fanbase, which is mostly composed of "hardcore" gamers.

I know that if SONY chooses to create the PS4 as a "casual" gamer type of machine, then the PS4 won't be more powerful than the PS3. And if the PS4 isnt more powerful than the PS3, then I ain't going to be buying it. And I know that there's millions of people out there that feel just like me. SONY would loose all of its hardcore gamers to Microsoft. And SONY isnt going to let that happen.

IS it possible that there will be 2 versions of the PS4? Yes. Just like the PS3. One will have bigger hard-drive than the other, and a few other differences like the number of USB ports, but that's it. I believe they will still let people pretty much choose their HDD size by letting you stick in your own 2.5" HDD.

Other than that, it is OBVIOUS when you say that the RSX will be replaced by a newer graphics chip... DUH.

It'll have some form of the Cell Processor.

I DO believe that it'll have more RAM, but not TOO much more. I DO believe that it'll have faster RAM, and an even BETTER motherboard design allowing for different hardware to have even MORE bandwidth speed. I believe that that is the future of RAM. Not size but speed.

It'll use the same XMB style for the OS.

It'll have a wireless card and bluetooth.

It might not have the Memory Card slots, but it WILL have USB slots.

It will be backwards compatible with PS3 and PS2, but not PS1. PS1 games will by then be completely irrelevant. And SONY will just say, "You want to play PS1 games? Buy a PS3." It'll be MUCH more cheaper by then.

The PS4 will basicly be an enchanced PS3. And I think that the real difference will be happening in the software field rather than hardware.

And I believe that they have struck gold by allowing dedicated servers for online games. Games in Resistance NEVER lag. Not even on 42 Player maps!!! I hope this becomes a routine and more and more 1st party games hop on this sh*t. I HATE games that have to "host". And when the host disconnects the game ends.. In Resistance, even CUSTOM, player created games run on dedicated servers. So if the player who created the game leaves, the game still continues. It's little things like that that make me choose the pS3 over the Xbox 360.

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fafoon3417d ago

Is that its gonna Kick the 720's Ass
Just like the PS3 is doing with the 360

theKiller3417d ago

and it will have the most things possible at that time to include in a console!

juuken3417d ago

That's if Sony stop hyping things before they're ready.
That's what hurt them back in 2007 as well as the price.

Other than that, PS4 FTW. :3

blu3print3417d ago

must stay, these analyst, technology geek type people got to realise that the gaming world does not consist of only the US and Europe etc alone, there are still some countries that only have dial up or very slow broadband. limited speeds, and that's not just going to change in 4 or 5 years. To say that they will reuse the cell as to allow reusing of code meaning most likey it would be backwards compatible, how the hell will we be able to play our disk without a drive?

Cartesian3D3417d ago

I want to say the same, because I live in one of those country you said..

optical drive is the only choice for this global market,its cheap to produce and easy to use.. we cant download a 50GB game with 512kbps connection (omg with dial up connection it will take so long :P 1 year or sth)

Sitdown3417d ago

Bubbles! You make a great that I have not even heard before..but completely agree with.

joemayo763417d ago

totally agree wit u guys, anyone else find it funny how these game companies (among other industries) are pushing for more and more digital content to be downloaded , while ISPs are (or pushing for) caps on download limits. Here in Canada the big ISPs ALREADY implemented caps =|

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