PSN Update: Friday 12th September 2008

Rock Band content priced and plenty more avaliable for download.

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Vip3r3572d ago

There ain't half a lot of it on PSN. But I suppose that after delaying the game for a year and then to not have all the DLC would be one hell of a kick to the balls.

StephanieBBB3572d ago

Is to make some of the rockband dlc free so it forces microsoft to also make it free. This would benefit Sony at first untill microsoft caves in. Then it will only benefit us gamers =)

BLuKhaos3572d ago

but the Dlc pricing isn't up to Sony.

FreestyleBarnacle3572d ago

Is it me or is it marginally more expensive to buy the 6,9 and 12 packs than the 3 pack? It's only pennies but it's still a bit of a con isn't it?

zero-x3572d ago

thats so cool and id love to be able to dload it but sadly sony hasnt fixed the f*ing problem thats stopping me to update my credit card info to actually buy the songs

jcfilth3572d ago

Bring on the Killzone!!!

Willio3571d ago

i thought PlayTV was Europe only.